Sunday, October 16, 2011

FDA to Ban Food Nutrients

Friday, September 16, 2011 – by Staff Report

FDA Set to Ban Your Supplements ... The FDA has issued a proposed mandate that represents the greatest threat to dietary supplements since 1994. Back in the early 1990s, consumers were so alarmed by FDA bullying that they staged a massive revolt. The result was that Congress passed a law prohibiting the FDA from banning popular nutrients (as the agency had threatened to do). There was, however, a loophole in the 1994 law. The FDA was given authority to regulate ingredients introduced after October 15, 1994. It has been 17 years, but the FDA just issued draconian proposals as to how it intends to regulate what it now calls "new dietary ingredients." If implemented, some of the most effective nutrients you are taking will be removed from the market. This includes many fish oil formulas and natural plant extracts. – Mercola's Blog
Dominant Social Theme: Raw milk and fish oil can kill you. It is much better to eat "heart healthy" potato chips.
Free-Market Analysis: Dr. Joseph Mercola is out with a "red alert" posted on his website reporting on new regulations from the Food and Drug Administration that may reduce or eliminate people's access to such food additives as fish oil.
Dr. Mercola is a leading authority on non-pharmaceutical nutrition and he has even posted a letter on his website that people can copy, personalize and email to their congressional representatives on Capitol Hill regarding these new regs. The letter makes the point that Congress actually passed a law (DSHEA) back in 1994 to try to prevent the FDA from doing exactly what its bureaucrats intend to do now.
According to Dr. Mercola, the FDA wants to require manufacturers to conduct "outrageously expensive studies using absurdly high doses, in some situations multiplied by a safety factor up to 2,000-times the recommended dosage on a per product basis." Here's some more:

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