Thursday, October 20, 2011

News on Agenda 21 from Sandman in Austin

Subject: Re: Agenda 21

What's new Faye!

How are things in West Texas? This drought is looking more like the 1930's! This spring felt like August and now it is almost 100 every single day and zero real rain since October of last year! Now we are watching some ancent Live Oaks dieing from the stress. Oh well, I guess that means I will have plenty of firewood for the Winter!

The world seems to be getting crazier every day, The Agenda 21 thing is at play right now in my area. "Gubmint" is funding NGO'S and other special interest authority groups to control most normal activities that people do who live in rural areas around Austin. They want us to register our well pumps even though they are private, They want us to ask them for permission if we bulld anything (yes, even a garden or chicken house) Plus many more mad-man control measures. People are getting active on fighting this, but as Long as Washington continues to fund Lawyers to push this, it will be a very long fight. The Agenda 21 pdf file I read, uses multiple colorized maps to indicate the value of various geographical locations around Austin . The properties are valued on the historical, ecological, social, environmental importance. These control freaks act as if they are out to save the planet but the real agenda is to control growth and development in this area. If population movement into sensitive areas is such a bad thing, then why are the same people pushing for open borders and unlimited immigration? Agenda 21 is a transfer of the wealth and power of the Plebs to a small group of individuals. ...Sounding familiar?

I have been active in protesting the emerging Police State, I don't think anybody (except a few) want to live in a Police State. My travel by aircraft is over until they stop running us through x-ray machines and groping us. Last month, Texas almost outlawed groping by the TSA but Washington threatened to stop all airline activity in or out of the State if the bill went through. (that would not be Constitutional if they did restrict flights.) Anyway, Austin has huge numbers of freedom luvin' Patriots and there have been several demonstrations. Believe me, these are fun events!

Here is a video of one protest!

The biggest question we need to ask is why are they treating law abiding citizens like common criminals while turning away from the open borders..."The amount of tyrrany we live with is exactly the amount that we are willing to tolerate" What else can we do?

Anyway, I will check out the site you told me about this evening, I have been away for 5 days, still need to decompress!


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