Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why we must keep the current BAN on public private partnerships (PPPs)

By Terri Hall, Founder/Director,
Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom
(210) 275-0640

Grants private, even foreign, entities MONOPOLIES for 50 years.

Means the loss of control over Texas infrastructure & toll tax rates, Texans canʼt go to a corporationʼs Board of Directors to request relief from high toll rates as they can with elected officials. Itʼs taxation without representation and the marriage of corporations with the State.

Eminent domain for private gain -- to take private property in the name of a public use then hand it to a private interest, for a private benefit for a HALF CENTURY.

Terms of contract kept SECRET from the public until AFTER the deal is signed.
Ends competitive bidding and even grants the initial winning team right of first refusal on all future segments without competitive bidding.

Limits the expansion of free roads (to guarantee congestion on the free routes).

Manipulates the speed limits to drive more traffic to the toll road.

Charges oppressive toll rates as high as 75 cents PER MILE (these are PUBLISHED rates for both the LBJ & North Tarrant Express CDAs in DFW) or 80 cents per mile (for I-35 according to Denton Record Chronicle, Feb. 13, 2011).

Puts the taxpayer on the hook for the losses while the private investors are GUARANTEED PROFITS in the contracts.

Use massive amounts of public money & debt to subsidize/prop-up toll projects that can't pay for themselves. This model doesnʼt remotely resemble the claim that the ʻuserʼ pays for the road. On two PPPs in DFW, $500 million dollars in gas taxes, and another $1.5 BILLION in PABS and TIFIA loans are subsidizing the LBJ project and $500 million in gas taxes and $1 BILLION in PABS and TIFIA loans are subsidizing the North Tarrant Express.

Eliminates due process in contesting fees, interest, and penalties, with the possibility of losing your carʼs registration for failure to pay what they say you owe.

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