Saturday, December 10, 2011

ICLEI Working Through Our Local Zoning Laws

Exclusive Report:

ICLEI: Linking Local Governments to the UN Agenda
by Cathie Adams
Eagle Forum International Issues Chairman

National governments will probably not adopt a new United Nations legally binding greenhouse gas emissions treaty in Durban, South Africa, but that does not protect Americans from the UN's tentacles. The globocrats are employing its non-governmental organizations to entice local and regional governments to allow global bureaucrats to measure, report and verify their municipalities' greenhouse gas emissions.

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Cathy Adams headed up the Texas Eagle Forum and was the Chairman of the Texas State Republican Party until recently.  She has been covering the Global Warming personally and has been sending reports back.  You can read them at the national Eagle Forum site.  We've several actions locally lately that will allow the UN's Agenda 21 regulations to be instituted here...  the Easy Rider bus transit system between here and Midland, the Texas Constitutional Amendment allowing county governments to perpetually extend bonds without going back to the citizens for approval, and the CRMWD passage of provisions that allow them to use eminent domain.  Another still pending is the redistricting fight both at the state and local levels.


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