Monday, December 5, 2011

If you work to earn money you need to watch this

A short video explaining money is debt. We have a long video entitled "Money is Debt" that we're planning to put on a DVD. It's extremely educational on the fractional reserves financial system we're working under.  When a bank signs a loan agreement, they don't just create the money out of nothing.  They go to a central bank and get a loan themselves... or buy treasuries or bonds... and from that, they can then increase their loaning capacity up to used to be 10 times the amount of money they get from the central bank.  So that mortagage loan they gave you actually means they hae 10 times that money they can loan out to others.  But since this economic situation is what the big banks wanted in the first place, the Federal Reserve, who are supposed to watch for this sort of thing as a part of their job, let the banks go 16 or more times the amount...I heard of some who went as high as 32 times.  Fractional banking is a criminal enterprise.  In the meantime they're earning interest on both the bonds and treasuries and interest from your mortgage loan... theyre in a win-win situatiation and... if you default on your mortgage, the American taxpayer will reimburse them for the non-existant money they lent you through bailouts.  And the one everyone knows about is not the first time there's been bailouts.  The Federal Reserve has been bailing out since its inception.

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  1. Update: Golden Sachs took their leverage to up over 300.