Friday, December 30, 2011

ObamaCare Directive for "Units" Over 70

Here's an audio of a neurosurgeon on his way from  Chicago to Detroit  who called in to the Mark Levin show.  He had just returned from  D.C. where he attended an HHS meeting on advanced medical care.  This is chilling.  The term  comfort care,  in case you're not familiar with it means that no effort is to be used to improve the patient's (excuse me... unit's) condition... only comfort measures such as oxygen,  pain meds.  This doctor is talking about hemorrhagic stokes where there is a bleed in the brain or there's an aneurysm  requiring surgery.   But this is a surgeon who focused on the impact of the meeting on his practice... the meeting concerned advanced care for those over 70 which includes a lot of  different practices so there had to be doctors in other fields there.

Here's the audio.

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