Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The Real ID Act was passed in 2005 and was supposed to be implemented by various dates.  It has been held up by the states' objecting to the unfunded mandate aspect of it, not by the objection to biometrically identifying each and every U.S. citizen.  I got this article in today's e-mail.  I want you to pay specific attention to it.  Note the first efforts to pass this occurred in the 1990's.  The Act itself did not pass until 2005.  In the meantime, North Carolina actually changed their drivers' licence but was forced through public complaint by those of us knowledgeable of the effort to establish a North American Union to discontinue it.  I saved a picture.  I'll go find it and put it on here before publishing this post.  Not long ago, by Executive Directive and as a part of Obamacare, Obama arranged for everybody's health records to be sent to D.C.  Before that, there was a big push to computerize medical records supposedly to decrease medical errors, etc.  This is being done.  Not long ago, I ran across some info that revealed that, as a part of even our routine doctor visits, our body surface area (BSA) weight is being determined and added to our medical records.  The BSA can indicate at a glance whether you are overweight and by how much without knowing height and build.  If you will check your folding money, there is a very fine reader strip imbedded...hold a bill up to the light and you can see it.  I've even observed someone taking it out of a bill to prove its existance.  It looks like a fine wire.  There's even an RFID chip in your credit cards -- there's videos about this on You Tube and I looked on's there.  So people with a reader can determine how much money you have on you without even asking you.  I think I put a post on here not long ago about the CDC conducting "surveys."  I got two calls myself from the CDC recently.  As a result of these "surveys," children have been taken from their families for not having the child's immunization up to date.  I was asked the names and dosages of my medications, which I did not answer.  I am 66...not a child.  Why are they asking me my medications?  I also found out that they do not just accept whatever info you give them but also call your doctor and verify the info you gave them.  Why do they do that?  If I gave them incorrect info, would they send a SWAT team to my house and put me in some type of custodial care because I was unknowledgeable of my medical needs? 

I was listening to some radio talk program the other day...there was a man who called in and he stated that the state he lived in...somewhere up north...had taken his daughter away.  His daughter had been born with some sort of congenital disease and, with not even a hint of prior child abuse in the family's history, the state came in and took his daughter away from the family because they had determined that the odds were in favor of the family exhibiting future abuse because of the presence of the disease.  The commentator...I think this was someone filling in for either Laura Ingram or Sean Hannity, did not delve into the man's story and the caller was let go without much comment. 

At any rate, read this article.  It connects some more dots.

Here's the picture of the North Carolina driver's license, biometric and displaying the North American Union for anyone to see, not just those of us wearing tin-foil hats.

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