Sunday, January 8, 2012

Non-governmental Organizations

Here's a good, informative article on non-governmental organizations (NGO's).  I had never heard of these until I did some research on the starving people of Somalia.  Then I found out what they are.  Some of them over there are trying to provide help for the 800,000 starving people, but a bunch of them are over there bullying what government is left into things that exacerbate the conditions that result in Somalia's people starving.  In fact, the NGO's are being used to push the implementation of Agenda 21.  This is another thing we have to learn about in the fight against Agenda 21.  We're paying for our own destruction.

The Center for Biological Diversity which instigated putting the Sagebrush lizard on the Endangered Species List is a NGO.  They're an official one.  I guess Concerned Citizens would also be classified as one, but we take no money from anyone.  

Here's the article.

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