Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ROSA KOIRE: Near Riot at Delphi Meeting--Part 1

Well, San Francisco people have discovered the Delphi Technique being used on them. I saw this a while back. Here's the link. I don't think I'd have handled it this way. I'd have waited until the facilitators had identified "the loud mouths" and started picking on them. Then I'd have my turn speaking or passed out info on the Delphi Technique. The way this was done, it looks like the facilitors, their plants, and the plants against Agenda 21 all know what's going on, but the people who aren't aware look confused.

Here's where I recognised the Delphi Technique being used.  I think in there somewhere I've put links tracking back on the people used as table facilitators and they all tracked back to UN associations.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting our video. I agree that this was not a classic anti-Delphi action. This was second of a series of meetings put on by the unelected regional boards directing $200 billion in transportation funds to Smart Growth. In the first series of meetings they refused to take public comments at all, so we decided to confront the facilitators. No worries that the 'citizens' in the audience were confused--as our videos show, there were literally no unconnected citizens in the audience at all. The organizers had put out a call for non-profits, board and commission members, government employees, and elected officials to pack the meeting so that they could be sure of 'buy-in by the citizens.' We showed that this was a lie, and a true Delphi meeting. Please look at our six part series (total of about 50 minutes) on Youtube. Search Rosa Koire--Delphi for the links. The 5th video has a key to all of the name tags on the sign-in table so you can see who they are.
    Thank you very much for your commitment to exposing and stopping UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development.
    Rosa Koire
    Executive Director
    Post Sustainability Institute