Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Perfect Storm over Craig, Colorado

Whoaaaa!!! They've shut down 10% of our power plants. I've got a video on this site that shows they've shut down over 800 of our dams and are working on 4 more hydroelectric dams up in northern California. They took 20% of our fo...od supply when they made a desert out of the San Joaquin Valley. They cut off 61% of Washington state's farm land by creating buffer zones around the waterways. If Obama is elected again, we're going to start feeling more pain than that we're feeling at the gas pump. Even if Romney is elected, this could go on because it's been going on under administrations since Clinton. I've been collecting these stories and putting them here under "Use of Governmental Agencies. I don't have all the stories, but I've got enough to give you understanding of the big picture. Take a look. See what their plans are for your children and, too, if you're young. I used to think I wouldn't live long enough to see the results of all this. But then Obummer got elected and it's all going so fast that I now think I'm going to have to spend my end years in a world of oppression and lack of human necessities.

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