Thursday, May 17, 2012

Armed Environmental Police Shut Down And Guard Ice Cream Stand Over Building Permits

A Massachusetts ice cream stand was shut down last weekend by armed Environmental Police, causing the loss of 13 high-school and college students’ jobs.

The stand, owned and operated by Mark Duffy for the past 26 years in Great Brook Farm State Park, was shut down for making improvements to the building without the proper permission. According to the Lowell Sun, Duffy has made “countless improvements to the farm over the years without permission.” He told the Lowell Sun, “The reason I’m here and the purpose of having me here is to improve the facility and operate a commercial dairy farm.”

Edward Lambert, the commissioner of the Department of Conservation and Recreation, said the stand closed because construction was proceeding without local or state permits. “I like ice cream as much as anybody, so it pains us to even temporarily close what is an iconic property, but we have to make sure people eating ice cream there are safe,” Lambert said.

The improvements to the building were to “create an area to show an instructional video produced by the Massachusetts dairy industry.”

Duffy said armed Environmental Police showed up Friday evening of Mother’s Day weekend to shut down the stand, and even stood guard throughout the weekend to turn away customers.
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