Monday, December 5, 2011

The Con of Sustainable Development. UN AGENDA 21

We finally figured out how to do the DVDs!!!!  And lordhawke even figured out how to do a beautiful label for it!!!  I chose a video on the Freedom Advocates' site that is about an hour and a half long and features Tom DeWeese and Michael Shaw speaking at a Freedom 21 meeting in Santa Cruz, California.  We're now working on the statement to go on the insert into the cover for the DVD.  I'm very happy about the Tom DeWeese part because he has given so much better presentations for the person who has never heard of Agenda 21, but Michael Shaw's part should create a significant amount of interest in a subject most people have never heard of. 

These videos are free.  You just have to let me know you want one by e-mail  Spread them around.  Lordhawke and I will be distributing them to state and federal representatives, county sheriffs, city councils, commissioners' courts, economic development boards, the Permian Basin Redevelopment Council, Permian Basin Petroleum Assn, teachers, and pastors of local churches in addition to private citizens.

Here's the video that is on the disk.  There will be more disks coming on different subject areas of Agenda 21... wait til you see what the Federal Reserve is doing!!!

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