Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Center for Biological Diversity
  • 'We take action under treaties like the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species and the North American Free Trade Agreement, as well as U.S. law, to ensure that American government activities and projects abroad don’t hurt endangered species there. We also work through the United Nations process to establish safeguards for international wildlands and the animals and plants that depend on them. The scope of our international program is rapidly expanding."  Source here.  Same ole, same ole...the trade agreements and the UN being used to change every aspect of our day to day living.  They have big plans for your children and grandchildren...IF they allow you to have children and grandchildren.
  • "The U.S.-Mexico borderlands — millions of lovely, remote acres where jaguars and pronghorns roam — are at high risk from unnecessary security and immigration measures." Source here.  Article here.  (Note their focus is on "unnecessary security and immigration measures."  They don't say a word about the damage done to the environment and private property by illegal immigration, the tragedy of the human smuggling, nor the terrorism of the drug cartels and spread of gang membership and activities.)
  • You gotta read this.  Endangered Species Condoms...wonder how they determined that half of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unintended?  How do you like this Center for Biological Diversity program...a Hump Smarter Hotline?  And look out...I think they're going to try to outlaw New Year's Day next.  Oh, this is beyond the pale...What better moment to make sure this one roll in the sheets doesn’t push some poor creature into extinction?  And, and, and .... you, too, can become a distributor!!  Source here.
  • Fox video here.  I'm not going to go look up my sources, but the UN directive and the EPA directive BOTH state that they are NOT to consider the economic implications of their actions nor are they to depend on scientific studies; i.e., they have free reign to grab property, institute crippling rules, and destroy economic bases.
  • .Kiernan Suckling has an audio on this page.  He's Executive Director of Center for Biological Diversity.  He got busted for stealing shoes out of the Silver City, New Mexico, Walmart or KMart in the late 80's or early 90's.  In this audio, he states global warming is behind all this.  Global warming...dig into this hoax and you will be very, very angry.  Mostly, global warming is to enrich a few people and some big companies and redistribute U.S. wealth to underdeveloped countries, and giving the U.N. it's own funding base via direct taxing authority of your pocketbook and mine.  Here's an interesting article on him.  Take a look at this statement.  It is sooooo indicative of what I've found researching all this stuff.  There's always a part here, a part there...a tangled web of deceit.

  • Found the backup for the stealing shoes incident.  Thanks for the heads up, Silver City.  "If being an environmentalist wasn't enough to turn many of the locals against a man, in 1994 Kieran further sullied his reputation by committing an uncharacteristically stupid act.  He was caught shoplifting a pair of hiking boots and some bedroom slippers at Wal-Mart. He pleaded no contest and was fined $67. He still can't explain why he did it, other than the stress of the center's work, compounded by breaking up with a girlfriend. "I was desperately poor, which is not an excuse," he says. "It was a bad combination of poverty and stupidity--mostly the latter. And I hurt the environmental movement down there." Peter was horrified.  "If Peter had had his way, I would have been fired," Kieran says. Peter wanted Kieran to be reassigned for a year, but the center's board decided instead to suspend him from the director's job for three months and bar him from talking to the media for six months. The locals began calling him "The Shoeman." And the other New Mexico environmental groups worried that Kieran had lost "his moral compass." Some cut him off altogether. Despite it all, the Wise Use opposition failed to make hay of the embarrassing arrest."  Source here.

  • Interview with Range Magazine:  Kieran's ego finally shows, his speech picks up speed and emphasis: "It's more than rural. I'm dealing with the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Los Angeles. Thirteen million people are used to getting their water this way, I say that's great, but we are going to show them a different way to do it!"
       Walley: "You are forcing change on society and you are aware of it?"
       Suckling: "Yeah! Isn't that what an activist is! What do you think an activist is? We change society!"
       Walley: "Can't you do this in a humane and gentle way?"
       Suckling: "It is sad, but I don't hear you put that in a direct relationship to the effect on the land. I hear you talk about the pain of the people but I don't see you match that up with the pain of the species."
       Walley (dumbfounded): "What?"
       Suckling: "A loach minnow is more important, than say, Betty and Jim's ranch-a thousand times more important (italics mine). I'm not against ranching, it is a job. My concern is the impact on the land."
  • Here's another interesting tidbit from the same article: " Grants from Ted Turner, Patagonia, E-sprit, and other foundations, plus money from its growing membership of 4,000 finance Suckling's organization. Similarly financed eco-lawfirms provide the SWC with free legal representation. Free that is, if, they lose the case. When they win, the attorneys' fees are paid through the federal court system with good old-fashioned tax money. Your tax money."  Well, now we know how he got from stealing shoes to stealing your livelihood.
  • Another interesting statement from the same article:  "To some, it seems that the federal courts and the center function as a team. J.T. Hollimon, a rancher from hard-hit Catron County, N.M., readily sums up the lopsided situation. "I think the man is power hungry. He has an agenda and that agenda is to shut down the West. He has an enormous amount of power. He alone,through the judge down in Tucson, can dictate to us and he shouldn't have that power. They are going to put us out of business or force us to revolt."
  • More on the condoms...we need a few laughs.  "Hump smarter, save the snail darter." "Cover your tweedle, save the American burying beetle." Who knew talking about extinction could be such fun?"  "The costs of doing nothing about overpopulation are steep and profound. Indeed, they are unacceptable. Left unchecked, the human species is lining up to wipe thousands of other species out of existence. If that happens, this planet will indeed be a very lonely place, left only with the remnants of the wild world this place once was."  Aaawwwww...bummer.  Only thing is...somewhere in all this research I've been doing, the plans of Agenda 21 allows human occupation of land to a maximum..if you put everybody all together...the size of Rhode Island!!  That's going a little tad bit too far, don't you think?


  1. I'm pretty sure he has a dream of walking naked through the forest being friends with all the cute li'l animals, like deer, and antelope, and puma, and coyotes, and black bears... Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll feed 'em for us.

  2. Are you talking about Suckling?

  3. Yep; Kieran "the Shoe man" Suckling!

  4. The "gloves" will be coming off soon. No more taxpayer protection for the shoeman and his merry marxist band! Financial collapse and a corrupt federal government that will be lucky to defend itself. The shoe thief and his little UN blue flag waving friends will be the animals in need of protection when this happens.